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Sourcing and Supply

A highly professional team with worldwide industrial and retail experienced

commercial specialits and textile / apparel technicians.

Highly motivated and  responsable.

Flexable and full efficient.

Global market oriented.

Consumer oriented.

Why Turkey ?

Textile and apparel industrial figurs and apparel exp. figurs. (few but "strong")

  Costs competitive.

  Industrial flexibility, quality and short leadtimes.

  Liability. "just on time".

• Creativity and wide range of possibilities.

  Logistics, within a few days in all Europan destinations.

•  Future EEC membership.

Our GYML services

  Sourcing and supply.

•  Home textiles, apparel and knitwear.

  Quality control and follow-up.

  Final inspection before shipment.

  Private label service.

•  Market and consumer orientation.

•  Logistics.

There is a difference...

•  Highly motivated team.

•  Multi Language.

•  Customized service matching your needs.

•  Styling assistance.

•  Packaging assistance.

•  A monthly GYML newsletter to keep you updated with the Turkish textile and apparel industry.

•  Giyimli seriously takes care of your orders in Turkey.

•  All of us should be very pleased to be part of your success.

•  You are very important for us.

•  Happy to answer all your questions.